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261969d56573a953e21d17a034ba3076KANU: THE JOURNAL OF A ROGUE

Kanu is a simple nerd whose major ambition is to graduate from the University of Lagos as a Chemical Engineer. But everything changes when cultists tried to kill him for falling in love. Now Kanu becomes the nightmare of every member of the notorious cult group named Scarecrow. As he fights through the terrible world of brutality, blades and bullets,

Kanu discovers another deadly cult group named Southpaw. After learning about the legendary rivalry between these brutal cult groups, he must have to kill his way through the multitude of Crows and Paws to get to his mortal enemy: Pain. But nothing is ever as it seems. (They tried to kill him. Now they are going to pay!)  Click to buy from okadabooks




He swung loose from me and aimed the pistol at me. Sensing the danger coming towards me, I quickly made my action. I’d ended up at the wrong end of a pistol before and I know how terribly a bullet can hurt, if you were not killed. I was very scared—he must not shoot me, yet, if I waited, he would kill me. Then, before he could pull the trigger I rushed him with a speed I didn’t know I possessed. Within a split second, it dawned on me that I was no more trying to save the man who wanted to kill himself, I was trying to save myself from the man who wanted to kill me before killing himself. I grabbed the pistol again, trying with the whole of my strength to prevent him from pulling the trigger. But I could not match him in strength, he pushed me roughly and I landed hard right on my back which shook the holy breath out of me, like I had been hit by a truck—I lay where I had fallen, knowing fully well I was alive but reluctant to move my limbs, afraid that broken bones would come poking out of the skin. I looked above me hazily after what seemed to me like a century but was actually a few seconds, and I saw three small holes. It took me a while to realize that two of them were Mr. Martins’ nostrils—he was aiming the gun at me again. Click here to buy from




When the old Pa Jimoh died in a ridiculous way, the elders of Ogbomosho decided to honour him with a proper burial. But the coffin-maker, Saka, chose the wrong moment to deliver the coffin as all hell broke loose on his way to Ogbomosho. Click here to buy from okadabooks
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